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Note: Backdated to the night before Korra and Mako arrive, this is Bolin's dream update

The dream functions a lot like an old timey film. We open our scene in what is obviously a prison. A woman opens the door, Lin BeiFong, and says: "Korra is missing."

The scene changes. Bolin, Mako, Lin and another woman (Asami) stand before a man with air bender arrow tattoos, Tenzin. The discussion is the rescue of Korra from Equalist hands. Eventually, the scene changes again and Bolin is walking underground with Asami and discussing Mako and Korra's relationship. Bolin, being a terrible liar, manages to let slip that Korra and Mak kissed.

"But it probably didn't mean anything!"

Asami and Bolin stand guard while Mako and the others continue on to find Korra in the underground Equalist base. Not long and an alarm starts going off, Bolin quickly finds a train for transport and Mako comes running with the others and some prisoners...but no Korra. Bolin notices another train gaining on them and with a quick movement collapses the tunnel, "Try and chi-block THAT." They make an escape with Lin'd earth bending help and avoid the Equalists.

They arrive at City Hall, Lin and Tenzin confronting the water tribe councilman, Tarrlock. It doesn't go well. The councilman bends their blood and everyone twists and contorts in pain an everything goes black.

They awake later and Tarrlock is gone. Bolin mutters that he thought it was a dream but is the corrected by Mako and Asami. Later, that night they are all flying on Oogi when they spy Naga from the air. They land and find Korra, passed out, and Mako quickly goes to her side.

The dream continues, Bolin sneaking food from Korra at breakfast as she tells them about Tarrlock and them the attack on Republic City starts. Bolin and the others head out to find Tenzin and once they get into the main part of the city they find several mechs attacking Tenzin. Bolin summons an earth ramp and they launch Asami's car into one. The team manages to rescue Tenzin. They return to air temple island and decide to split up and go into hiding, the Equalist air ships coming ever closer. They flee on Naga while Tenzin and his family flee on Oogi.

They appear again in the city's underground, meeting with a hobo and getting some help from other refugees of the Equalist attack. After a meal of street gruel, Bolin and the other go out to meet General Iroh and the United Forces...only to witness them sink from an air assault of biplanes. Korra recues Iroh and they regroup to make a new plan. This time the group splits up and Bolin travels with Asami and Iroh to take out the air fields where they launched the biplanes.

Unfortunatly, when they get there they are immediately electrocuted by an invisible fence. When they come to they are in a jail cell, Bolin and Iroh bound together. After they are visited by Mr. Sato, Asami's traitor dad. Iroh asks Bolin of he can metal bend and the answer is, of course, no. However, Naga comes to the rescue an breaks down the cell doors allowing them to escape and complete their mission to destroy the air field.

Bolin use earth bending to break up the road, Naga protecting him from Equalist assault. Bolin then takes Naga to go help Asami who had gone after her father. He sees Asami about to be taken out by her own father and shouts,

"Mr. Sato! You are a terrible father!"

Before launching several boulders at him from Naga's back. Asami thanks Bolin and the scene fades to black as they take in Mr. Sato.

Now they are back on air temple island. Bolin tries to cheer Korra up, the young Avatar having just lost her bending, but the effort falls flat. The scene fades away for a final time.
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