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Nov. 11th, 2012 04:03 pm
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[OOC Information]
Name: Erica
Age: 24
AIM/Plurk/Dreamwidth/Email: BouncyErbear [plurk/aim] &
What characters do you already play here, if any? None
How did you hear about the game? I know people >_>

[IC Information]
Character Name: Bolin
Series: Legend of Korra
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Species: Human/Bender? I don't think they are a separate species though...

Appearance: Bolin is a young man of a heftier build and rather bulky. He's on the shorter side, height wise, which only adds to the illusion of his stocky frame. I assure you, however, that is is mostly muscle from his days training for probending. His hair is dark brown nearly black and he keeps it cut short and swept back out of his face, a single curl coming down on his forehead. He has green eyes below bushy, black eyebrows and a rather cute button nose. Typically he's seen with a grin on his face but is also very expressive with his facial features, a boy who typically wears his emotions very openly. Bolin wears shades of green and brown a lot, the typical colors of an earth least when he's not wearing the Fire Ferret uniform anyway.

Personality: It's been said that Bolin always has a smile on his face and a lady on his arm. While the second part might not necessarily be true (he hasn't dated much, but he DOES apparently have a LOT of fangirls) it IS true that Bolin is a guy with a grin plastered on his face most of the time. Despite his rough life, Bolin has always seen the world through rose-colored glasses. No matter how bad things got, Bolin would find a silver-lining to the situation. This is mostly due to the fact that Mako shielded his younger brother from some of the worst things in life (taking care of all things financial and related to their well-being), but even when Bolin is faced with a difficult situation or even a life and death situation he puts on a smile and cracks a joke. If that doesn't work, Bolin tends to try the polite approach. Twice now, when Bolin has been cornered by people trying to hurt him and his family he has called them "Mr." and "Sir." This could stem from his time on the streets when he felt the need to be polite to everyone due to his lower class. You'd be surprised what you can get with a cute face and a "please sir" out there.

Honestly, Bolin is just talkative in general. He is very much an outgoing person and willing to make friends as soon as he sees you. Unlike Mako who is reserved and quiet, Bolin will chat it up with anyone, almost to the point of being a motormouth. There are times he just doesn't know when it's best to STOP talking, but he hasn't quite learned that this can be annoying at times. He tends to do this especially when attention is focused away from him as a means of getting it back.

While not EVERYTHING is a joke to him, he does tend to play things for laughs and doesn't like to be bogged down by sadness or anger. Bolin is still a teenager though and can be rather emotional at times. For example, when Korra and Mako "broke his heart" he wound up sobbing and running away from his problem. He got mopey and even called Mako out for betraying him later, and overall acted completely dramatic about the situation. This, again, could stem from the fact that Mako has protected Bolin from a lot of hardships so something like this hits Bolin harder than someone who would be used to rejection and betrayal (something that Bolin has never experienced before).

Still, most of the time Bolin comes across as very goofy and laid back and even when he is upset he bounces back quickly. He doesn't worry about financial matters and leaves that to Mako, at least that's how he acts. He does want to help his brother in any way that he can and tries to put forward his own plans to help keep them from living on the streets again. He's starting to realize just how much Mako does for him and he wants to be able to do those things as well. Bolin is always eager to please, especially his brother, but sometimes his ideas aren't always the most practical (ie getting money by having his pet Pabu perform). As I said, Mako has shielded Bolin from a lot of things and this lends itself to Bolin's naivety about life in general. He doesn't have to worry about his next meal because Mako is always there to provide for him and look out for him. He's had it rough, but he's always had Mako to rely on.

Bolin's innocent nature comes with its own problems. Bolin can be a bit TOO trusting at times. He takes people at face value and makes friends easily, even if those friends might not be what is best for him. Still, that eagerness to please doesn't end with just Mako. Bolin likes the attention given to him as a pro-bender and loves being in the lime-light. He thinks everyone is his friend and doesn't have many enemies at all. This can get Bolin into a lot of trouble at times, but it's hard to be angry at him for it because he's usually just doing it to be helpful. He is a caring individual after all and doesn't want to see anyone have to deal with the things he did as a kid. He has a soft spot for animals and kids, especially homeless ones, after all that's how he wound up with Pabu.

Like any pair of brothers, Mako and Bolin don't always see eye to eye. Bolin can even seem jealous of his older brother at times since he seems to have it all together and is even said to be the better bender of the two. Bolin also doesn't have his brother's worldly sense and tends to overlook issues of money, girls, food, or other such problems since, to him, they AREN'T problems. Still, Mako is Bolin's entire world and without him Bolin would be completely lost and out of luck. Korra is quickly becoming a part of that world as well. At first it was romantic feelings, but whether or not Korra is his girlfriend, Bolin cares about her and likes to see her happy.

Abilities: Bolin is an earth bender which means he has control over rocks, dirt, sand, etc. He is not advanced enough to bend metal, but otherwise he's is fairly skilled. He knows how to fight since bending styles are often tied to different martial arts styles (Bolin's fighting style would probably be akin to mixed martial arts with an emphasis on boxing). Bolin is also quite capable of sewing, although this is mostly patch-up work or making costumes for his pet fire ferret Pabu. His muscular build also lends itself to his ability to lift heavy objects but that is not within the realm of superhuman or anything.

Items: No significant items. Bolin wasn't exactly known for carrying anything.

History: Not a lot is known concretely about Bolin's childhood. What we do know is that when Bolin was 6 his parents were killed in a mugging gone wrong, the culprit being a fire bender and Mako (his other brother) was there to watch it all. Mako and Bolin were then put out on the streets, not wanting to be in an orphanage for fear of being separated from the only family they had left. Mako attempted to protect Bolin from the nastier parts of living on the streets but a boy of 8 could only do so much. Mako and Bolin worked odd jobs as they grew up, helping the Triple Threat Triad with odd jobs and mostly trying to survive as best they could.

Eventually, they were taken in by an older man named Toza who helped manage one of the probending gyms. One day, he discovered Mako fighting on the streets and invited the two live in a room above the gym if they did odd jobs for him. The boys agreed, mostly seeing it as an opportunity to get off the streets, and began training to become probenders themselves. It was also around this time that Bolin found Pabu, a fire ferret, forraging for food in the garbage and brought him home to live with them as a pet. He thought he could train the little guy and also convinced Mako that Pabu could be a great mascot for their future team.

Before they could have a team though they had to find a water bender. They found Hasook at some point and allowed him to be on their team, although Hasook and Mako were constantly butting heads at matches and at practice. Hasook wasn't going to last, however, and Bolin was the one to discover their water-bending replacement: Avatar Korra. Bolin immediately took to the young Avatar, flirting with her and encouraging her to show him her moves. Eventually Mako accepted her onto the team and the trio began practicing so that they could make it to the finals in the probending tournament. This path wasn't without its struggles as the trio had to deal with problems both within and outside of the team.

First, Bolin was kidnapped by Equalists and put before Amon as part of a demonstration of his power. He was rescued by his brother and Korra before anything bad happened and this act of bravery only furthered Bolin's feelings towards Korra. This relationship came to a head during one of the matches where Bolin discovered his brother making out with Korra and was subsequently heart broken. He eventually forgave his sibling and his friend, however, when he realized that Korra had never really felt that way for him and it was only a one-sided relationship. He moved on and the team performed better than ever.

However, it wasn't exactly smooth sailing from their. Amon and the Equalist were getting more bold with their plots and were threatening a move against benders by attacking the Probending arena. Korra and the boys convinced the council to let the games go on and to just increase security with the help of Chief Bei-Fong and the finals were secured. Little did they know this was all a part of Amon's plans as well.

Following that, their biggest match of all was fought against the Wolf Bats who played trick after dirty trick to guarentee their own victory. The Ferrets gave it their all but, in the end, they lost...only to have the match literally blow up in their face as Amon staged another raid and captured several benders...taking away their abilities and destroying the symbol of bending power: the pro-bending arena.

Now forced out of their homes and away from their beloved sport Bolin and Mako sought refuge at Mako's new girlfriend, Asami's, home. She was wealthy and more that capable of supporting the boys with whom she'd made fast friends with. Unfortunately, it wasn't to last. Asami's father, it turned out, was a supporter of Amon and was supplying the man with technology to combat the benders of Republic City with. The boys helped Asami and the others escape from Mr. Sato's clutches, but not before losing several of Bei-Fong's men to Amon's clutches.

Bolin, along with Mako and Asami, now moved over to Air Temple island with Korra. This new home was nice but even that wasn't going to last long as Amon's plans were put into motion. The quartet decided enough was enough and they needed to take matters into their own hands, going out and fighting Equalist as the new Team Avatar. However, not everyone approved of these activities and eventually Tarrlok had Bolin and the others arrested when they attempted to stop police brutality against a group of innocent non-benders. Not long after that, however, Korra confronted Tarrlok and discovered that he was, in fact, a blood bender and she was then captured herself by the man.

Knowing that they needed to find the avatar, Chief Bei-Fong busted the boys and Asami out of prison in the hopes that they could help her find Korra. At firs they assumed she had been taken by Amon (not knowing that Tarrlok was behind it) and went to his base of operations, a place only Bolin could lead them to since he had been taken there previously. They didn't find Korra, of course, but discovered that Tarrlok was lying because the Equalists had nothing to do with her disappearance. Tarrlok escaped the confrontation by bloodbending all of them into unconsciousness and later they happened upon Korra riding on Naga's back in the city.

Things only got worse from there was Amon launched an attack on the city itself, attempting to take out the remaining council members and taking over the city to rule on Equalist terms. Air Temple island was captured and Bolin and the others barely escaped on Naga's back to hide in safety in the city sewers (another place Bolin and Mako were all too familiar with). The group helped rescue General Iroh and, with his help, tried to figure out a strategy to reclaim the city without crippling more of the United Forces fleet. It was decided that Bolin, Asami, and Iroh would take out the air field that Sato was launching his newly invented airplanes from while Mako and Korra would go straight after Amon. The group parted ways and Bolin hugged both his brother and Korra...just in case.

The air field battle itself was pretty intense. The group first being captured by walking straight into an invisible, electrified barrier and then escaping with the help of Naga who had tagged along. Bolin fought several mechas and used his earth bending to destroy the field while Mako himself chased after the planes that had already launched. Bolin helped fend off the mechs and saved Asami as well, capturing the remaining Equalists and taking charge of the airfield.

It wasn't until later that Bolin learned what had occurred between Mako, Korra and Amon. He agreed to travel with Korra to the South pole in hopes that her master, Katara, would be able to undo whatever Amon had done to her to take away her bending. Unfortunately it was beyond Katara's ability to heal and Korra left Bolin and the others to be alone. She returned, later, having awakened in her Avatar state and Avatar Aang himself having reopened her ability to bend the four elements. Bolin was overjoyed and that night slept with the others in one of the huts in the village. It was then that he woke up in Traverse Town.
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