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Character Name: Bolin
Character Canon: Avatar: Legend of Korra

History: Wiki Link

AU History:
When Bolin was small he had his brother to play with and two wonderful parents to care for him. On Bolin's birthday he was given a pokemon egg as part of his "growing responsibility"...unfortunately this would prove to be a bad omen. A few weeks later, Bolin's parents were dead and the egg hatched that day into a Cubone, Bolin's first and most precious pokemon. Following that, Bolin had to take care of a Cubone and Mako had to take care of his brother.

The two orphans were eventually pulled into Caldera's underground, in some cases literally as a few gangs work out of the caverns of Caldera. While they didn't pull any big jobs or do anything terribly illegal, Bolin and his brother often had to run errands and take bets for illegal fights in order to make a living on the street. Bolin wasn't too happy with this life though, since even though his brother kept him out of the worst crimes, it was still working for a gang.

The last straw comes when Bolin finds out they're trying to sabotage the official match of his hero and a strong Earthkin (Ground/Fighting type). The Earthkin is being blackmailed into throwing the match in an Earthkin Clash, but Bolin can't stand to see his hero brought down like that. He talks his brother into helping and they save the day. They quit the gang that same day and help the Earthkin get out of his blackmail. The Earthkin, seeing two boys that now need HIS help, takes the boys under his wing and have them help around the building where the matches are held in exchange for room and food.

Bolin also begins training under him. His dream is to become a top notch and powerful Earthkin and to especially play in Caldera's version of Versus (the aforementioned Earthkin Clash where Earthkin form teams to battle and knock each other out of the ring). Bolin enjoys his life in Caldera, even with the threat of war with Gigas on the horizon.

Things take a turn for the worse after a few years, however, when Bolin gets kidnapped by Gigas's troops one night when he's trying to deliver some supplies to the troops as they hold out for help from Union. He's rescued by his brother before anything too terrible can happen, but he's still left with some trouble sleeping. However this doesn't stop him from taking up the fight and trying to help defend Caldera and help Union take out Gigas.

Once they win, Bolin can't help but want to journey to Union and check the place out.

Canon Personality: It's been said that Bolin always has a smile on his face and a lady on his arm. While the second part might not necessarily be true (he hasn't dated much, but he DOES apparently have a LOT of fangirls) it IS true that Bolin is a guy with a grin plastered on his face most of the time. Despite his rough life, Bolin has always seen the world through rose-colored glasses. No matter how bad things got, Bolin would find a silver-lining to the situation. This is mostly due to the fact that Mako shielded his younger brother from some of the worst things in life (taking care of all things financial and related to their well-being), but even when Bolin is faced with a difficult situation or even a life and death situation he puts on a smile and cracks a joke. If that doesn't work, Bolin tends to try the polite approach. Twice now, when Bolin has been cornered by people trying to hurt him and his family he has called them "Mr." and "Sir." This could stem from his time on the streets when he felt the need to be polite to everyone due to his lower class. You'd be surprised what you can get with a cute face and a "please sir" out there.

Honestly, Bolin is just talkative in general. He is very much an outgoing person and willing to make friends as soon as he sees you. Unlike Mako who is reserved and quiet, Bolin will chat it up with anyone, almost to the point of being a motormouth. There are times he just doesn't know when it's best to STOP talking, but he hasn't quite learned that this can be annoying at times. He tends to do this especially when attention is focused away from him as a means of getting it back.

While not EVERYTHING is a joke to him, he does tend to play things for laughs and doesn't like to be bogged down by sadness or anger. Bolin is still a teenager though and can be rather emotional at times. For example, when Korra and Mako "broke his heart" he wound up sobbing and running away from his problem. He got mopey and even called Mako out for betraying him later, and overall acted completely dramatic about the situation. This, again, could stem from the fact that Mako has protected Bolin from a lot of hardships so something like this hits Bolin harder than someone who would be used to rejection and betrayal (something that Bolin has never experienced before).

Still, most of the time Bolin comes across as very goofy and laid back and even when he is upset he bounces back quickly. He doesn't worry about financial matters and leaves that to Mako, at least that's how he acts. He does want to help his brother in any way that he can and tries to put forward his own plans to help keep them from living on the streets again. He's starting to realize just how much Mako does for him and he wants to be able to do those things as well. Bolin is always eager to please, especially his brother, but sometimes his ideas aren't always the most practical (ie getting money by having his pet Pabu perform). As I said, Mako has shielded Bolin from a lot of things and this lends itself to Bolin's naivety about life in general. He doesn't have to worry about his next meal because Mako is always there to provide for him and look out for him. He's had it rough, but he's always had Mako to rely on.

Bolin's innocent nature comes with its own problems. Bolin can be a bit TOO trusting at times. He takes people at face value and makes friends easily, even if those friends might not be what is best for him. Still, that eagerness to please doesn't end with just Mako. Bolin likes the attention given to him as a pro-bender and loves being in the lime-light. He thinks everyone is his friend and doesn't have many enemies at all. This can get Bolin into a lot of trouble at times, but it's hard to be angry at him for it because he's usually just doing it to be helpful. He is a caring individual after all and doesn't want to see anyone have to deal with the things he did as a kid. He has a soft spot for animals and kids, especially homeless ones, after all that's how he wound up with Pabu.

Like any pair of brothers, Mako and Bolin don't always see eye to eye. Bolin can even seem jealous of his older brother at times since he seems to have it all together and is even said to be the better bender of the two. Bolin also doesn't have his brother's worldly sense and tends to overlook issues of money, girls, food, or other such problems since, to him, they AREN'T problems. Still, Mako is Bolin's entire world and without him Bolin would be completely lost and out of luck. Korra is quickly becoming a part of that world as well. At first it was romantic feelings, but whether or not Korra is his girlfriend, Bolin cares about her and likes to see her happy.

AU Deviation: For one, Bolin can be a lot more responsible when it comes to his family if only because he had a younger "brother" of his own to take care of in the form of the newly hatched Cubone. While Mako looked after Bolin, it was Bolin's job to look after Cubone and make sure the little guy survived because it was his last connection to his parents. In that regard, Bolin can become overly protective of the pokemon in his care, especially Cubone.

Also, given the fact that Bolin has recently lived through a two-year war in this particular game, he doesn't have quite the naivete and innocence of his canon counterpart. Bolin has lived through the siege of his birth town and that has to change a guy, especially one who has been kidnapped. While not quite cold, Bolin won't be the innocent and carefree youth that he is in canon. He has seen what real battles in a war are like and it didn't do much for him. That's not to say that he won't be a lovable goofball, just that it might be a bit toned down from what's been seen in The Legend of Korra.

Basically this version of Bolin is more mature and responsible than his canon counterpart, probably making him seem older than his years would suggest.

Canon Abilities: Bolin is an earth bender which means he has control over rocks, dirt, sand, etc. He is not advanced enough to bend metal, but otherwise he's is fairly skilled. He knows how to fight since bending styles are often tied to different martial arts styles (Bolin's fighting style would probably be akin to mixed martial arts with an emphasis on boxing). Bolin is also quite capable of sewing, although this is mostly patch-up work or making costumes for his pet fire ferret Pabu. His muscular build also lends itself to his ability to lift heavy objects but that is not within the realm of superhuman or anything.

Enlightened Abilities: Ground/Rock type | Mastery of Training
Initial Abilities: Bolin starts off with mediocre defensive skills that are easily broken down. He is very good at taking a hit though and doesn't collapse easily. He makes up for this poor defense with amazing offensive abilities. He's fairly strong for his age because of his typing. He can control rocks fairly well, though the bigger boulders and pieces of Earth prove more difficult for him to move with his abilities.

Attacks/Abilities are similar to the following- Sand Attack, Mud Slap, Dig, Rock Blast, Rock Throw and Rock Polish

First Evolution: Upon evolving for the first time, Bolin bulks up considerably. His defensive skills radically improve, probably due in part to the fact that his skin and bones have hardened over. His skin hasn't really changed in appearance, though you will find it is difficult to pierce with claws or sharp objects. His control over rocks and the ground has dramatically increased as well, allowing him to lift even larger boulders and exhibit and even more refined control over the element.

Attacks/Abilities are similar to the following- Fissure, Magnitude, Spikes, Rock Slide, Rollout, and Wide Guard

Second Evolution: Bolin's final evolution is where the most dramatic physical transformation takes place. The skin on his body gains a more plate-like appearance, similar to a Sandshrew or Sandslash. It is mainly concentrated on his arms, back, and legs, though if he concentrates the skin on the rest of his body can transform as well. Used right, this outer shell can greatly increase his defensive capabilities and makes his skin as hard as diamonds. He can even turn the plates on his skin into spikes. His strength and endurance have also seen an increase making him not only good at taking a hit but also very effective at dealing hits as well. He can now move several large boulders and rocks at once and has master control over the earth and rocks around him or even far away from him.

Attacks/Abilities are similar to the following- Land's Wrath, Earthquake, Earth Power, Bulldoze, Rock Wrecker

Starter Pokémon:
Cubone (lv. 12)
Sentret (lv. 10)

Notes/Special Considerations: I would like to propose a particular contest of skill that would have been popular in Caldera. I was thinking of calling it Earthkin Clash and it would work similar to Pro-Bending in Bolin's canon. Earthkin Clash would be a battle of skill and strength between teams of Earthkin. The objective of the sport is to gain as much territory within the ring as possible within three minutes, or, alternatively, to drive the members of the opposing team over the edge of the ring. Because of Caldera's focus on strength and skill, this is a very popular sport and the best teams are held with high regard. Teams are only allowed three members on the court at a time, though teams can actually consist of multiple members, up to six. Some teams concentrate on specific types, while others go for a more mixed approach in developing a well balanced team. Unbeknownst to most, this is a hold over from the Pokemon Gym challenge of pre-Savior times. I only add this information as kind of a "isn't this neat" sort of thing.

What do you feel your role in Union is?
Uh...well I guess since I'm new to Union it's to help build relationships with Caldera, right? Oh! I guess I can also help teach you all about Earthkin Clash. It's the really awesome sport we play back in Caldera. I plan on being on a winning team one day.

To what lengths would you go to rescue your allies if they were lost in the wilderness?
I would do whatever it takes! My friends are really important to me. I might not have left Caldera before now, but I'm a Ground/Rock Earthkin so I'm pretty tough. I would make sure we all got back home okay. It's important to look after one another, you know?

What area do you seek to explore? The peaceful forest, in search of new, previously overlooked discoveries; the uncharted caves, in search of the unknown; or the wildest of mountain terrain, in search of danger, adventure, and thrills?
I think exploring the mountains would be the most fun. I'd want to do it with friends though, what's the fun in adventure without someone to have it with? I'd love to see more out there. It's why I'm here in Union.

What do you think your Pokémon respect most about you?
Oh well, Cubone and I go way back.
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