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Birthdate:Jun 23
Location:Republic City, United States of America
Name: Bolin
Age: 16-18?
Element: Earth
Relatives: Parents (Gin, father, Earth bender | Akane, mother, Fire bender), Brother (Mako, 18, fire bender), Pet (Fire Ferret, Pabu)
Personality: No matter how intense things get around Republic City (and they do get intense), Bolin is always good for a laugh. Mako's younger brother and Pro-bending teammate, Bolin tends to be more laidback and likes to have a good time. Despite their tough childhood, Bolin always has a smile on his face and a lady on his arm. In fact, it was Bolin who was responsible for introducing Mako to Korra. But Bolin is no clown. When the time comes to buckle down and bend some earth, this tough contender can handle his business. (taken from
Likes: Girls, pro-bending, training Pabu to do tricks, dumplings
Dislikes: Amon, boredom, disappointing his brother
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